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American Comedian Cheech Marin Is Married To Wife Natasha Rubin. Find Out His Career Details, Cochino Collection

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Richard Anthony Marin, also known as “Cheech” Marin has a long list of credentials to his name. From being best known as a stand-up comedian, actor and a voice artist, Marin’s lesser-known-yet-impressive occupations are writing, golfing, collecting Chicano Art and assisting the California government in systematizing the cannabis business in the state post legalization. Born in 1946 California to Mexican American parents, Marin’s nickname is a family gift.

Cheech Marin Career Details

One half of the epic comic duo “Cheech and Chong” that radicalized the hippie underground cannabis scene of the early 1970s is Cheech who with the other half of the duo, Tommy Chong won millions of hearts and continues to be a legendary phenomenon of nuanced comedy and the counterculture movement of the 1960s. The duo performed many a stand-up comedy, released comic albums and starred in several films as well. However, on the big screen, their first hit was the epic stoner comedy classic, Up in Smoke that hit the screens in 1978. The most prized baby of their collaboration, Los Cochinos, a comedy album released in 1973 won the Grammy in ’74.

Marin eventually went on to act in a number of films over the years. Some of his most famous works are Born in East L.A., Tin Cup, The Shrimp on the Barbie, Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Following in the footsteps of his father, who was a Police Officer in LAPD, he played an officer in Christmas with the Cranks. Maintaining his diverse career choices, he went on to do voice over in many films like The Lion King, Oliver and Company, Cars, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. He also landed supporting roles in classic movies like Desparado and From Dusk Till Dawn. Marin has also appeared in a number of TV series like Lost, Celebrity Duets with his most noteworthy role being that of an Inspector in Nash Bridges.

Cheech Marin Cochino Collection

Giving expression to his passion for art, Marin has officially obtained the largest collection of Cochino art in the States. With the California state government giving $9.7 million for it, his collection is on its way to getting a new home at his Museum, the first in the country solely dedicated to Mexican-American Art and Culture. Planned to be based in Riverside, California, the Cheech Marin Museum of Chicano Art, Culture and Industry is anticipated to house over 700 pieces of some 30-year-old collection. “Chicano art is not a way of painting, like, say the impressionist, it’s more of a flavour” is how Marin himself puts it.

Cheech Marin Is Married To Wife Natasha Rubin

Marin was married twice before he met his soul mate. His first marriage was to Darlene Morley in 1975. They also had a child from the wedlock before separating ways in 1984. Two years later, he married Patti Heid and had two children from that marriage. Marin has a son Joey and two daughters, Jasmine and Carmen. Finally, in 2009 he met his dream girl Natasha Rubin who is a classical pianist from Russia. The lovebirds officiated the relationship into matrimony. Marin, now 73 is 40 years older than Rubin. The age gap has posed no problems and they have continued to live happily together.

Cheech Marin Personal Life

As interesting a character Marin is on screen, he has a wonderful personality off-screen also. He is an avid writer! With several Children’s books in his name, his autobiography Cheech is not my real name but don’t call me Chong won the best California Book in 2017. He also wrote for a Canadian rock magazine Poppin Magazine. Even though Marin had no liking towards golf earlier, since his movie Tin Cup, he has become a keen golfer.

One of the lesser-known facts about Cheech is that he was jeopardy’s first celebrity champion! He even assisted the California State in a public service announcement publicizing a Government website for up-and-coming marijuana entrepreneurs. With his net worth estimated to be a whopping $ 12 million, the stoner king of comedy has made his mark on the world and how!