Amanda Cerny Relationship With Johannes Bartl, Her Net Worth, Bio, Age, Education, Career, Social Media Presence

Amanda Cerny is a household name across America, thanks to her hilarious comedy sketches that airs on Comedy Central. The 28-year old comedian from Los Angeles, California has successfully collaborated with comedy powerhouses such as Logan Paul and King Bach to bring modern comedy to life.

Besides her work in comedy, Amanda has a strong career going in modeling and body fitness. Her success in the two sectors has earned her several features on Health & Wellness magazine.

What will warm your heart most about her, however, is her participation in humanitarian and philanthropic programs across the world, notably in Puerto Rico and Haiti.

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Amanda Cerny Birthplace, Childhood, College And Family

Although her permanent home is in Los Angeles, California, her roots can be traced back to her birthplace in Pittsburg. Her parents moved with her to Florida when she was still a little girl; that is where she attended school, finalizing her studies at Florida State University.

Amanda grew up alongside her sister, Samantha and her half-brother, Nick Bateman, who is now a popular Instagram celebrity.

Amanda Cerny Social Media Presence, Vine And Play Foundation

In total, Amanda boasts of more than 45 million fans across multiple social platforms. Her YouTube channel, for example, has a staggering 4.6 million subscribers and a cumulative total of more than a billion views on her comedic sketches.

Don’t be amazed just yet… her Instagram followership is already in excess of 35 million, and the number is growing rather fast. Add that to her over 4.6 million fans on Vine and you will surely be amazed. Her twitter followers, on the other hand, are nearing a million as we speak.

Script writing In Acting And Skit Production

Amanda’s comedic sketches are aired on TV, most recently on Comedy Central. But it is not in sketches alone that she has featured. She has, for example, been part on TV shows on NBC and Millennial Films. And if we are to factor in her scriptwriting and movie & music video directing roles, her CV would have over TV 3,000 projects.

Some of the notable movies and TV shows that Amanda has featured include Hello Ladies on HBO as well as The Late Late Show with James Cordon. She also appeared in DJ Chuckie and Dillon Francis’ videos on multiple occasions.

Amanda Cerny Dating History

Amanda met fellow YouTuber Johannes Bartl in 2017 and the two started a romantic relationship immediately. Bartl hails from Vienna, Austria, but has been living in the US for the last 5 years.

Amanda’s boyfriend is particularly popular for his career as a vegan fitness model. He currently has over 400K YouTube subscribers and an Instagram fan base of over 2 million people.

What Is Amanda Cerny Net Worth?

Comedic sketches and modeling have earned Amanda a net worth of about $8 million. Reliable sourced have quoted her earning to be up to $100K for every sponsored post she features in on social media. She has been endorsing many brands of late, including Paramount Pictures and online dating service, Tinder.

Amanda Cerny Body Measurements

Cerny has a height of 5’7″, an approximate weight of 125 pounds, and body measurements of 34-24-34.

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