Alligator Hunter Tommy Chauvin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Social Media Presence

Those who are brought up watching Animal Planet often complain that they change the channel when they see a crocodile or an alligator. They moan and lament that the sight of such reptiles gives them the creeps. Ironically, these people do not feel at all uncomfortable while showing off their alligator skin bags in social gatherings. In order to fulfill their needs and reduce the risk to mankind from vicious alligators, Tommy Chauvin was born in Louisiana, USA. By now, it must have become quite clear that Tommy Chauvin is an alligator hunter. This American alligator hunter had a stepfather named Joe Lafont, who belonged to the same profession. Joe has been in the limelight quite a number of times on charges of domestic violence and his girlfriend had hauled him to court recently. However, he seemed to have regarded Tommy as his biological son and had taught him quite a few tricks of the trade. Hence his son had followed his profession, quite naturally.

Though his exact age remains unknown, it is common knowledge that while the children of his age were busy studying, Tommy was preoccupied with honing his hunting skills. Later in life, he had chosen alligator hunting to be his career. Although we don’t know much about his academic career, he has become a successful hunter. Now, he lives in the area surrounding Atchalafaya Basin and earns his livelihood by alligator hunting. Furthermore, this handsome alligator hunter, who is also endowed with good nature, has married Sarah Nanner and has become the father of two children through her. Amidst his alligator hunting trips, he had a disagreement with his stepfather, as a result of which he traveled separately for two days. Then, he made it up with his stepfather and it seemed t that their differences were reconciled. Ultimately, he seems to be keeping his personal life under wraps because neither his date of birth nor his date of marriage has been revealed. Also, the paparazzi doesn’t have any information about the children.

Tommy Chauvin Career Details

This passionate alligator hunter was given the nickname “Trigger Tommy.” Clearly, his stepfather had imparted his skills to Tommy. Later, he had joined a show named “Swamp People”, which showcases the day to day activities of alligator hunters. Apart from being an alligator hunter, he is also a cast member of the show. This show increased his fan base and impressed the audience.

Apart from this, he had collaborated with famous alligator hunters like Willie Edwards and Chase Landry. Unfortunately, he nearly lost his right hand and also suffered injuries to his chest and eardrums. This massacre happened as a result of an accident involving explosives. Already, a few surgeries have taken place to restore his right hand, but to little effect.

Tommy Chauvin Net Worth

Although the salary which Tommy Chauvin draws through the show “Swamp People” is not revealed, according to an estimate of 2019, his net worth is $300 thousand.

Tommy Chauvin Social Media Presence

Unlike other alligator hunters, Tommy Chauvin has a significant presence on Facebook where he keeps posting. Approximately, he has twenty-two thousand followers on Facebook and 1.8 thousand followers on Instagram.


This alligator hunter seems to have fallen in love with alligators after he had been bitten by one in childhood. Ironically, now that his life is in danger because of his profession, a number of sites have sprung up, asking for donations towards his treatment. All his ardent fans are praying for his speedy recovery and their best wishes are with him. The profession which he had chosen was risky without doubt, which is why he is one of the few people to have chosen it.

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