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Allie Stuckey whose full name is Allie Beth Stuckey and also known as Allie Beth Simmons was born in 1992, 18th February. The American origin is one of the three siblings and the only daughter of Ron Simmons and Lisa Simmons.

Allie was born and brought in Texas and graduated from the Trinity Christian Academy in 2010. After finishing her college studies in 2014, Allie started her career as a publicist in Athens. She chose social media as her main part of the job and was also adept at it. She then played a vital role in guiding college students at campuses and sororities encouraging them towards politics. She was responded with a positive approach from the youngsters and that encouraged her in writing blogs, the most popular one is “The conservative Millennial”. She also posted videos in her blog related to political commentary.

Apart from her social media and blogs, she ran TCM as a social media strategist. The social media known to be with the name The Blaze got recognition after they moved to her husband’s hometown Dallas. Stuckey ways of hosting on “The blaze” shifted to CRTV and soon she became the host the podcast and relatable, not unlike TCM. She continued her talks with college students and also addressing the political conventions as well as a frequent tribute talker on Fox News. She further also published a book “You’re not enough (And that’s OK)” Escaping the toxic culture of self-love in 2020 too.

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Allie Stuckey Parents

Allie Stuckey the only daughter of her parents, Ron Simmons and Lisa Simmons with two brothers. Allie’s father Ron Simmons is a former member of the Texas House of Representatives. His father Ron Simmons is also an investment advisor who turned into a republican Politician and later elected to public office in 2012. Thereafter, he has been selected to serve for three terms, though he lost his bid for the fourth term in 2018.

Allie Stuckey Married, Husband, Kids

When in between Allie moved to Athens and was shortly working as a fitness instructor she happened to meet his love. Georgia was had also been the place where she began her political commentary career apart from having met her life partner, Timothy Stuckey. Timothy Stuckey is a loan officer then at a CrossFit class. They met there and were together for 6 long months before they got engaged. After four months of their engagement, they soon decided to tie knots and get into a married relationship. That was a year from their first meet. They had a splendid wedding at the Intimate Garden in Athens, where they first met each other.

After four years of their happy married life, they welcomed a baby girl on the 5th of July in 2019. Indeed she shared her baby girls’ pictures on social media but kept her face hidden for personal reasons and privacy to her daughter. She is very happy with her three family members’ life and is glad to share her happiness with the regular experiences of her pregnancy and the new life as a mother in her Instagram account.

Allie Stuckey Religion

Allie Stuckey is a personality making her name and fame in connection to millennials to politics. Along with her political career, she has a sacred place for her religion, which she often tweets about in her topics. Belonging to the Christian religion by birth, Allie has many times added bible teachings practicing her faith towards God and her knowledge in Christianity and church.

Allie Stuckey Career,  Income, Social Media

Being a brilliant student in her educational qualification, Allie had finished her academics at Furman University studying the Bachelor of Art and Communication. Her degree of study in focus on PR, media relations and public speaking made her give the optimum performance in her success. She found her destiny as a podcast host and today earns a handsome amount of $40,070 per year as her net worth. Not only limited to her podcasts but also she posts her work online on YouTube channel and fetches an average of $1.3K- $21.2K with a channel subscribed by more than 50Kpeople.

Allie Stuckey Is A Motivational Speaker

The motivational speaker and a revolutionist in her political aspects have a conservative belief on faith and politics with culture and a millennial perspective. She has been successful in putting her thoughts prominently with a point to be considered by today’s’ youth towards politics.

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