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All You Need To Know About NBC’s Timeless Cancellation And Shawn Ryan Reactions

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The cliffhanging series Timeless has good news for the fans. The star actors Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer are ready to unleash the most awaited finale.

The finale has been divided into two parts in an unprecedented history of the television-related to time which features Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt (Matt Lanter), and Jiya (Claudia Doumit) traveling back in time to stop the worst from happening.

Like most of the fan theories propose, Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) is brought back from the dead by show’s villain Flynn (Goran Visnjic).

The second part starts with Lucy facing a daunting task ahead of travel to the 1950s North Korea to save it from the war that which would otherwise be imminent. The makers of the show, however, gave something for the fans to cherish with a quick trip to 2023 where Wyatt and Lucy get married and the twins Rufus and Jiya get together.

The last episode which is named The Miracle of Christmas has more than a few surprises, one of which that has triggered a lot of fan reaction is Lucy’s journal which she hands over to Flynn.

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NBC’s Timeless Was Cancelled After Season Two

When a reporter asked the producer of the show, Shawn Ryan, about the final scene which shows a little girl tinkering with the time machine and also about a possibility of the next season. He told:-

There’s definitely a door open if someone is interested in opening it further, absolutely.

If ever the show would get shot again, it is evident that it won’t be on the NBC.

Why Did Timeless Get Cancelled Twice?

Timeless has a viewership averaging a staggering 4.2 million views per episode. But NBC has different plans altogether. They have announced the plans to cancel the show with an intention of renewing it for the season two.

It is hard to believe that the show had to face a lot of economic concerns. The fans were left disappointed when the sci-fi series got canceled yet again when the network cited financial reasons on 22 June 2018.

It was not gonna go down so smooth. Hence, Shawn had to take it to social media to give a soothing explanation to the fans. So, he took to his Twitter to explain it all. On 22 June 2018, tweeting to his 36.6 thousand followers, he wrote:-

Discussions still take place between @SPTV and @NBC about a possible two-hour movie to conclude the #Timeless story, but there are considerable economic obstacles that make it an uncertainty…

Even the star of the show Matt Lanter came out in support of the fans by also thanking them for the admiration of the show. He wrote to his fans by calling them Clockblockers Saying:-

I love you #Clockblockers. You’ve fought so hard and deserved so much more. #Timeless

Abigail Spencer has dealt with the matter in a different way. But, even she expressed her desire to “wrap up the story” in a high note. Even she didn’t know that prayers would be answered in such a short time because on 31 June 2018, NBC released a statement which read:-

NBC and Sony Pictures Television are collaborating on a two-part “Timeless” finale to air during the holidays, giving closure to the globetrotting series that has generated incredible viewer passion.

Fans finally have a lot to rejoice the news of the finale.