All You Need To Know About Game Of Thrones Season 8: GOT Final Season

Most anticipated season of the series Game of Thrones waited for a year and finding it to be most disappointing season. Not sure if this was done in purpose or the writer was just lazy to write. Most of the mistakes or issues were found within the writing.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Characters

All the roles in GOT from season first, had build up good character. However, we have seen some character fully lose their original built up character and acting very differently. This sudden change has put the fans in a lot of panicky mood.

Such an example is Daenerys killing innocent people even after they surrendered to display hatred, conflicting her own beliefs, including children. The Night king who had given a good build up as a very strong villain, who survived dragon fire like a mosquito bite was easily killable with a small knife and that too without a proper fight or duel with any main characters.

Expectations Missing

Having built up so many characters over the last seven seasons, these characters not achieving their dreams was a disappointment. Most of us wanted to see John have a duel fight with The Night King. That was no where to be seen. John roamed around in search of ways to fight and kill The Night King, and all his efforts in vain. When John was resurrected, he was thought to have an important moment coming up, but only important moment was the kiss with the queen and killing her in the end – which is another set back to the story line that everyone found it shocking.

Production Issues

Firstly, what’s with the darkness in the important scenes? There were so many fighting scenes that were so dark that it was difficult to make out the important details and figuring out who was fighting whom. When the cinematography team of GOT heard this they came up with a very weird explanation “increase the brightness of the television”.

In another scene, there was a Starbucks coffee cup on the table where Daenerys was sitting. This disappeared in the next scene but, viewers are so smart they could spot it so easily. To make it worse, there were water bottles in the scenes where there were characters seated for a discussion.

Bran Stark

Bran Stark becomes the king in the end of the GOT 8. Now, nothing is wrong with it. But he could have done much better as a character in the last season. He is known as the three eyed Raven. He has some magical powers which should have been utilized to build up the story. All he does is sit around and talk and, in the end, assumed the Iron Throne.


The story of the last season was rushed, like fitting a story of 2 to 3 episodes into one. You can see the characters making all the decision that they would not have done based on their character build up. It looks like everyone was in a hurry to complete the season.

There are many other issues also found. The war strategy was highly criticized. The army who was thought to be completely wiped out suddenly more than half of them appear back. Most shocking one is when Daenerys becomes evil or filled with hate. Jamie Lannister was also killed by rubble falling over him. He has survived various difficult situations and that was not the way the character should have ended.

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