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Alex Honnold Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Alex Honnold was born on August 17th, 1985, in Sacramento, California. He is a professional rock climber. As a free solo climber, he has broken records climbing the most notorious mountains in the United States. He developed a passion in his career and has won many awards. He is also published in several magazines.

Alex Honnold Career Details

Alex showed his passion for climbing even at a very tender age. His parents were often visitors to climbing gyms, and Alex could always accompany them. At one instance, while with his mother, he climbed up and even reached the thirty-foot mark. This incident frightened his mother but strengthened the then Young Alex. He was so passionate about it and always tried even the hardest climbing stuff.

While a teenager, he got chances and performed several climbing championships for the youths nationally and internationally. He admits that he was never a great climber while he was a kid. He saw kids that could climb better than him, but he kept practicing and training, understanding that the gift was not natural in him.

He joined Mira Loma for his high school education in 2003. He then joined a University in Berkeley to study civil engineering but later on dropped out before completing the degree.

Most of the time, he was at home. However, he could use his mother’s minivan to drive to California for climbing. The minivan, however, did not serve him for long since it was all in a mess. So he then had to survive using a bicycle and live in a tent for a whole year.

However, he bought another van in 2007 that helped him climb and even follow the weather.
In 2012 he participated in the Northwest Face of Half Dome, featured in the ‘Alone in the Wall’ film. After that, he got an invitation for an interview which made him gain recognition.
In 2011 he missed setting a record on El Capitan, Yosemite, delaying with 45 seconds. However, he set a new record in 2012 on the same route.

Cliff Bar announced in an open letter that he and his organization would not support Honnold and his fellows again. The organization took this action because Honnold and his fellow climbers subjected themselves to risks the organization felt they could not pay for.

Alex Honnold confesses that he has trained himself through practice and imagination to avoid feelings of fear. He, however, says that he occasionally fears while on his duty.

In 2017, Alex completed a 2900 free rider route foot in 236 minutes, an El Capitan solo ascent. The feat was one of a kind and was documented and titled ‘free solo’. The film gained many awards, including an Academy Award.

Alex and Tommy Caldwell teamed up in 2018 June and agreed to break the record for climbing El Capitan’s Nose in Yosemite. It took 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 7 seconds to complete the 3000-foot route. They set the record and became the first climbers to finish the route in less than 120 minutes.

Alex Honnold Net Worth

Alex has several sponsors that support him in his climbing career, they include:

  • North Face
  • La Sportiva
  • Stride Health
  • Black Diamond
  • Goal Zero
  • Maxim Ropes etc.

His net worth is approximately 2.0 million dollars and will increase over time.

Alex Honnold Family Details

Alex Honnold hails from a family of 5. One of his sibling’s names is Stasia Honnold. Stasia and Alex had the same passion for climbing while young. However, Stacia became more interested in biking, running, and other sports.

Stasia set the record after exploring the nation for 25 thousand kilometers on a bike.

Alex Honnold Marriage Details

Alex had never perceived himself as a guy who can ever be in a relationship. However, things turned around on one of his book signing occasions. Sanni had attended the event then, later on, left Alex her number.

Sometime later, Alex took Sanni for several dates and then she became his girlfriend. They have both passed through rough times that Alex even thought of ending the relationship. However, they are still together, living on the same roof but are not officially married.

Alex Honnold Kids

Alex and Sanni do not have any kids yet.

Alex Honnold Parents

The name of Alex’s mother is Dierdre Wolnick, while his father’s name was Charles Forest. Both of his parents were professors and were not happy about Alex’s choice of career.

Alex’s parents later on divorced in 2003. In the same year, Alex had completed his secondary education. Unfortunately, a year later, Charles-Alex’s father succumbed to a heart attack.

Alex’s mother climbed El Capitan, and she set records as the oldest woman at 66 years to ever do that.

Alex Honnold Body Measurements

Alex Honnold’s body measurements include a height of 5 feet and 11 inches and a bodyweight of around 73 kilograms. His body is sturdy and strong since he is always on the run. He is also on a diet and keeps his body in check, consuming vegetables preferably. His eyes and hair share the same color-brown.

Alex Honnold Cars And Houses

Alex owns a home that he bought in 2017 in Las Vegas. He also owns a Ram Promaster (2016) van, which he uses for most of his tours. The van is also furnished with some necessities; hence he can live inside it when far away from home.