Alaskan Bush People’s Billy and Joshua Brown Were Jailed For 30 Days, Find Out Why

Are you familiar with the American reality TV show, Alaskan Bush people, one of the fantastic television series that has taken the audience by storm? It was the story of the Brown family and their attempts to survive in the desert land of the US away from the luxuries of the modern world. Quite an extraordinary family living in harsh conditions, they managed to get plenty of fans through this show. The most attractive feature of this family was that they have a solution to every problem they might face.

Alaskan Bush People is a popular TV series that has been on the air for more than five years. The members of the Brown family are independent and self-sufficient. They seem to know how to come up with suitable solutions, be it their basic physical or financial needs. Even if they might have tough living conditions without the comforts of modern life, still, they know how to look after each other and make their family happy and unique. However, it reported that the Brown family members, Joshua, and Billy Brown are facing some legal charges.

So, Why Did Billy And Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown Go To Jail?

Billy was ready to face the jail sentence alone without involving any other family member, and he declared that fearlessly during the show. However, his plea was unfortunately declared by the Alaskan state officials, and he would be sentenced to jail only with one other family member.

Being the older sibling in the Brown family, Joshua took the responsibility to share the burden with his father and was ready to go to jail with him. Billy had received a letter from the state officials regarding the jail sentence, unfortunately at a bad time. He was just recovering a health condition and needed to spend more time with his family. In this letter, the officials claimed that both Billy and his wife Ami have lived in Alaska from 2009 to 2012, but their family shifted to this region only in 2012.

According to the reports, the Brown family lied on their applications for Permanent Fund Dividend between 2011 and 2013 for receiving their yearly oil profit checks which exclusively given to the residents of the state. Since Brown family was technically not living in Alaska, they were not eligible for the funds.

They pleaded guilty to the charges, and both Billy and Joshua were sentenced to 30 days in jail. Some sources revealed that the reality star family of the Alaskan Bush People was residents of Seattle from 2009 to 2012. Billy claimed that he didn’t commit any fraud intentionally, and it was a misunderstanding. He had offered a sum of money for the fraud he had committed, but the judge was rejected it. Since both Billy and Joshua pleaded guilty, they were sentenced to 30 days in jail. Apart from that, the family was asked to pay a sum of money as a part of their plea deal.

Billy and Joshua Brown pleaded guilty and sentenced to jail, and all the charges against the rest of the family were dropped. While both the men served their jail sentences, the rest of the family made most of their time engaged in different activities. Gave and Bear involved themselves in making different hunting tools while their sisters preferred to enjoy their freedom.

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