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Alaskan Bush People Snowbird Brown Teeth, Dating, Net Worth, Age, Salary, Early Life

The reality TV star Snowbird Brown has been part of a very successful reality-based television series called ‘Alaskan Bush People’ which has aired on the Discovery Channel for nine consecutive seasons. The series showcases the life of Snowbird and her family as they attempt to survive from day to day in the harsh wilderness of Alaska, far removed from any traces of modern civilization.

Snowbird Brown Bio: Age, Parents, Birthdate, Early Life

Amora Snowbird Brown, known to the world as Snowbird, was born on 18th November 1994. She was raised with five other siblings – Joshua, Solomon, Gabriel, Rain and Noah. Her parents, Billy and Ami, have led quite an eventful life together. Billy, 26, married Ami, who was just 15, back in 1979. The seasoned couple have witnessed many struggles in their years together, from raising the kids to dealing with health issues related to old age.

While an upper respiratory infection caused Snowbird’s father to be hospitalized in October 2018, her mother was diagnosed with stage three cancer in 2019. In spite of all this, it is heartening to see Snowbird’s parents return once again for a new season of the popular reality show.

Snowbird Brown Net Worth And Salary

Snowbird’s birth was not only a special moment for her celebrity parents Billy and Ami Brown, but also received huge attention from the audience, eager to welcome the newborn star on the show. Apparently, the reality television star had created quite a buzz among fans even before she had actually arrived in the world.

Snowbird’s professional earnings have been primarily based on her family-based reality show. The television star’s annual income is said to be around $60,000. As of now, she has accumulated a net worth of $1 million, a figure that will certainly rise with a renewed season of the show.

Snowbird Brown Boyfriend: Dating Secretly?

Inspite of her overtly public life, Snowbird has chosen to maintain secrecy about her dating life. Little is known about her personal relationships and it seems Snowbird may soon have to take a lesson from her co-starring siblings Noah and Gabe Brown. Noah and Gabe both tied the knots with their long-term love interests in 2018.

What Happened To Her Teeth?

As part of reality television, Snowbird’s fans have witnessed her grow up on-screen. This involvement has also brought about a lot of speculation about her appearance and lifestyle. As Snowbird grew older, something about her, in particular, caught a lot of attention from the audience. They were the reality star’s teeth, which were found to be far from perfection. Snowbird’s misaligned front teeth aroused a lot of public interest and the young TV personality was noticed concealing her teeth while being photographed.

The possible reason behind Snowbird’s dental structure remaining unfixed could be the Browns’ focus on living in a natural way. The media attention, however, drove the young star to return with better teeth in 2015 which was possibly a result of a dental surgery. Despite her beautiful new smile, nothing much was revealed about the dental improvement by the star.

Quick Facts About Snowbird Brown

Full Name Amora Jean Snowbird Brown
Date of Birth 1994 /11 /18
Nickname Bird Brown
Marital Status Unmarried
Birthplace Alaska
Ethnicity White
Profession Reality Show Star
Nationality American
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Blonde
Build Slim
Online Presence Facebook
Horoscope Scorpio
Net Worth $100,000