Adopted Daughter Nina Hansen Bio, Age, Family, Controversy, Law Career, Net Worth, Dating History

Nina Hansen was born in the year 1988. She is an American lawyer who was relatively unknown but got into limelight with the news of her attempting to sue her father got all over the news. She is the daughter of the Deadliest Catch’ star, Sig Hansen, whom she sued for allegedly molesting her. She had battled through depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and other traumas throughout her childhood.

Nina Hansen Has Led A Controversial Life

Nina Hansen had a traumatic childhood experience leading her to sue his father in the court. Her father allegedly sexually assaulted her when she was only two years old, which traumatized her for life.

She even took her father to the court for the alleged sexual abuse. The court did believed her allegations, but could not detain her father to go to jail since there was no concrete proof against him. It is so miserable that she could not get justice, because of such cases culprits continue to walk scot and the victims continue to suffer.

Rather than concentrating on her own problem, she used her experience to develop children’s rights and is highly recognized for her work.

Nina Hansen Career Details

Nina Hansen is an American lawyer who has specialized in looking after children’s interest. This is most likely the result of her tragic childhood incident. Whatever Nina does is done for the solely to fight for the rights of children.

Currently she is one of the best lawyers in the field. She an outstanding lawyer who has already helped so many children. With her experience, she is the best guide for international law and children law. She also runs the Freemans Solicitors’ household area.

Nina has also published a book, with her biography in which she told about everything that happened. The incident which took place with her father when she was two years old, she said in the court that it still bothers her up to date. What he did to her caused an emotional turmoil.

Nina Hansen Net Worth

Nina Hansen has been reported to have an estimated net worth of $ 100,000. She has earned all her income from her career of being a lawyer. A lawyer on average earns approximately $9,938 a month, and this number amounts to $119,250 a year. Being an expert in the field and years of experience, she must be earning way above average. Her book is fairly popular and helps to generate an additional income for the lawyer.

Nina Hansen Family Details

She is the daughter of Sig Hansen who adopted her both daughters, Nina and Mandy and raised them as his own daughters. June Hansen, wife of Sig Hansen and mother of Nina Hansen conceived both of her daughters from her previous relation. She has one sister named, Mandy Hansen. She is a reality TV star and works along with their father Sig Hansen in the discovery channel reality show.

Nina Hansen Dating History Is Unknown

There is no information available about any her relationships she has had in the past or present. She choose to be private about her personal life.

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