Actress Kristina Sunshine Jung Is The Daughter Of Former Narcotics Smuggler George Jung And Ex-Wife Mirtha Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung rose to world fame on the release of the film ‘Blow’ in 2001. This Oscar-nominated, darkly epic crime flick portrays the life of the leading drug criminal of America in the late 1970s, early 80s- George Jacob Jung, Kristina’s father. Not only did Kristina have a badass daddy, but her mom was also no less rebellious. Amid all the adventure, twists, turns and struggle, Kristina has turned out to be a truly inspiring figure. Have a look at 5 of the most fascinating things about Ms Sunshine Jung:

  • Braving A Tough Childhood

Growing up, Kristina was deprived of a loving and caring home that every child her age deserves. When Kristina’s mom and George’s ex-wife, Mirtha Jung was pregnant with Kristina, she still indulged in drugs. Both her parents, being heavily involved in the Drugs business, her father as a trafficker and smuggler, and her mother as a drug addict, little Kristina saw very little of them. Owing to their drug involvement, they found themselves embroiled in court cases and plenty of jail time. However, With the help of her grandparents who loved and pampered her immensely and later her aunt, some normalcy was brought into Kristina’s childhood. Without faltering in the face of adversity, Kristina defied those dark days in style.

  • And She Is A Writer

Looking at Kristina now, no one would believe her grim past. Her Book, Recovery from Blow: Behind the scenes of the movie Blow hit the stands in November 2018. A unique mix of spiritualism and drug crimes, the book explores the subtle conflict between glamour and darkness. Exploring the complexities of drug addiction, it knits a delicate fabric of the strengths of decision-making, failures and facing our fears. From delving behind the scenes of the movie Blow to taking us on a journey to discover the workings of the Medellin Cartel from her rich perspective, the book by Ms Sunshine would add a splurge of sunshine in your life.

  • She Operates The Smuggler’s Daughter Apparel

Kristina’s quote on her apparel website reads “Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine!” This woman gives you goals. She started her clothing line called BG Apparel & Merchandise, albeit with help from her father. Proudly declaring her lineage, she calls it by its extremely catchy name, Smuggler’s daughter wear online. With some highly stylish hoodies on display, the clothing line is also a symbol of her reconciliation with her father and their thriving father-daughter relationship. She also describes herself as “Smuggler’s Daughter” on Instagram. Having fallen far from her tree, the only thing intoxicating about her is her positivity.

  • Her Acting Career

A lesser-known fact about Kristina is that she is also an actor. In the movie Blow, she came alongside Johnny Depp (who played her father’s character in the film) in a courtroom scene. The scene was, however, deleted from the movie owing to certain federal regulations. It continues to be available on the DVD. The movie follows the story of Kristina’s father as a drug dealer and smuggler. It also highlights characters like Pablo Escobar and his Medellin Cartel, Carlos Lehder Rivas. The movie knits together George’s rise to riches, lucidly exploring his complex relationship with his ex-wife Mirtha Jung and the trouble afterwards. His desperate efforts to be an ideal father figure in Kristina’s life leaves one in wonderment.

  •  Romantic Life

In complete contrast to her parents’ early life, Kristina has made a stable and successful life for herself. She is married to Roman Karan. They have a daughter called Athena Romina Karan. They stay in California.

The depths of darkness in Kristina’s history failed to dim the sunshine in her life. And that is the most amazing thing about her. She takes everything in her stride and is of awfully good cheer. In her proud declaration that she is a smuggler’s daughter on her Instagram page, she displays utter courage. Having made peace with her past, she has built a great life for herself. As an entrepreneur, a writer, a daughter, wife and mother, she is on her path to conquer all and succeed in everything she does!

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