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Actress Berlinda Tolbert Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Education, Parents, Kids, Married

Born on the 4thth of November 1949, Berlinda, Tolbert is an American Television and film actress. Her screen debut was in the movie airport (1975) as an uncredited extra. But soon she gained massive popularity across the U.S. among T.V. audiences, after she played a role of Jenny Willis Jefferson in the T.V. series called as ‘The Jeffersons’ that was aired on CBS from 1975 to 1985. The show as highly successful and ran for 11 seasons. In spite of enormous success, after ‘The Jeffersons’ she could not grab any other significant role in T.V. series. Still, she appeared as a guest star in many T.V. series. But since last decade she is out of the limelight.

Where is Berlinda Tolbert now, what is she doing, what is her net worth, and what’s happening in her personal life? Let’s quickly take a look into her journey from the beginning till now and find out her current whereabouts.

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Berlinda Tolbert Early Life And Education

Berlinda Tolbert was born in Charlotte, situated in North Carolina. She was raised by her parents Tom and Hellen Wills in North Carolina. She once delivered an excellent performance in the school play, so her father encouraged her to pursue a career in acting. She polished her acting skills in high school from the University of North Carolina, school of the arts in Winston-Salem.

During her high school, her education as sponsored via scholarship and she also worked part-time to afford her funds. To hone her acting skills, she also went to learn drama from London. After she completed her graduation from High school, she commenced her journey of acting with a touring company. One of her performance in play ushered her journey into Hollywood.

Berlinda Tolbert Career Details

Her television career started with the series ‘Sanford and Son’ in 1974. Later she made her appearance in many other series like- ‘The Streets Of San Francisco,’ ‘All In The Family,’ ‘Mannix,’ and ‘Police Woman’. Soon she landed to one of the significant roles of her life and became a part of ‘The Jeffersons’ in 1975. ‘The Jeffersons’ broke major records and ran successfully for 11 seasons. Later she appeared in notable guest roles in many T.V. series like ‘Fantasy Island’ (1981-1984), ‘The Love Boat’ (1981-1985), ‘Amen’ (1987, ‘Hotel’ (1985), ‘Jake And The Fat Man’ (1990), ‘The Untold Stories’ (1993), ‘7th Heaven’ (1998), ‘Six Feet Under’ (2005), and ‘Crime Scene Investigation’ (2007).

Throughout her career, she has been accredited by very few movie roles. Some of the prominent movie roles of Tolbert are ‘Strange Fruit’ (2004), ‘Comedy Flick Live’ (2007), and an Indie movie ‘Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific’ (2011). After her Indie movie in 2011, she took a long pause in her acting career.

Berlinda Tolbert Husband, Married Life, Children And Parents

She tied her knot with Bod Reid in 1979 on valentine’s day. It has been 40 years since then the couple is living a happy married life. It is said that the couple only dated for two weeks before getting married. The couple is an inspiration to lovers in Hollywood. Her husband is supposedly CBS journalist, not much is known about her husband. If the couple has kids or not is also not clear.

In one of her interviews in the year 2013, she mentioned that her father became ill and was hospitalized and passed away. She told that her parents were supportive in her journey throughout her time and today it was her turn to pay attention to her mother, who is in her mid 80’s and requires medical and physical support. Therefore she decided to take a break from her acting

Berlinda Tolbert Net Worth

Her only source of income was her successful acting career. It is assumed that her net worth is approximately $ 5 million.

Name: Berlinda Tolbert
First name: Berlinda
Date of Birth: 4thth of November 1949,
Birthplace: Charlotte, North Carolina
Parents: Tom and Hellen Wills
Age: 69 years
Profession: Actress
Ethnicity: American
Marital status: Married
Spouse: Bob Reid