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Activist And Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Jailed? Suicide Attempts, Sexual Orientation, Birthplace, Salary, Family

The famous Chelsea Manning pissed off the U.S Military in 2010 after revealing more than 7,50,000 classified or unclassified documents. She joined the military as Bradley Manning but soon after changing sex, she also changed the name. She severed as a U.S. Army Intelligence analyst in the military. Like all the other cases related to military crimes, even Chelsea fought her case in the Army court. She was court-martialed and sentenced to 35 years in jail for espionage and theft in 2013. However, after a huge protest by the public in 2017, President Obama granted her Clemency.

Chelsea Manning Bio: Chelsea Manning Birthdate, A Tough Childhood And Mum Susan

Chelsea was born on 17th December 1987 in Crescent, Oklahoma with male features. She had to endure a rough childhood. Her parents constantly fought and struggled with alcoholism. Before they got divorced, her mom even tried to commit suicide.

Chelsea lived with her mom Susan in Wales. All the bullying at school made her even stronger and fit for the military. Things didn’t turn out so well with the stay in her dad Brian’s place either. Chelsea who had gone to Europe on a tech job lost the job and had constant fights at home. Her stepmom even called police on her due to one of such fights.

Chelsea had to spend homeless days due to the incident and had to find shelter in pickup trucks until her paternal aunt came for help. Chelsea was insisted to join the military by her father who too served at the military. She tried to adjust to her life after her posting in Iraq in 2009. Even the army gave her a hard time with all the bullies she had to endure. The analyst found several documents that were classified as well as disturbing which changing her career and life forever. Adrian Lamo, an online hacker, made her confess to the crime which brought her in front of the court hearings that sentenced her to 35 years in jail. The Defense Department came to know about the crime she had committed in 2010 but President Obama pardoned her in 2017. Chelsea underwent sex change therapy while still in jail and asked the public to recognize her as Chelsea Manning going forward in 2014.

Chelsea Manning Jailed?

Chelsea had to again endure 62 days in prison for her refusal to speak against the founder of Wiki Leaks, Julian Assange. According to Washington Times, She even refused to appear in front of the court. After her release on 9th May, she was again put behind the bar on 16 May 2019. It was an interesting trial as she was ordered to pay a daily fine of $500 after being in custody for 30 days which would be doubled to $1000 if she doesn’t speak against Julian Assange in the next 30 days.

Chelsea had signed a book deal which was scheduled to be released in the winter of 2019 but the court order made the release more difficult. The activist Chelsea earned a handsome salary of $57K compared to her annual salary of $29,250 in the military. There was even a documentary movie based on her life, called XY Chelsea.