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Aaron Hicks Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Aaron Hicks is a famous baseball player. He is a Center-Fielder, and plays for New York Yankees. Aaron Hicks is also famous for being a professional baseball outfielder, and a switch hitter. Switch hitter players are rare to find, and can give performance more effective than others.

Aaron Hicks Career Details

Aaron Hicks has also played for Fort Myers Miracle, which was in 2011 and he hit 242 with 5 home runs. Then in 2012, Aaron his 86 with 13 home runs, this time he was playing for New Britain Rock Cats.

Aaron joined New York Yankees in the year 2016. Prior to New York Yankees, he played with Minnesota Twins. Aaron started playing for Minnesota Twins in 2013.


Aaron made his MLB debut in 2013. In 2014, Aaron was faced with some challenges and that led him towards giving up. In 2014 Aaron Hicks could not show any improvement in his performance. Aaron was able to hit with left-hand, and had several other qualities that New York Yankees observed.

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In 2016, Aaron Hick made his fastest throw. All the years of Aaron with Yankees has been successful and fruitful, and that is one of the reason why Aaron is still a part of New York Yankees.

In 2019, Aaron signed a contract with New York Yankees of $70 Million. Aaron hit a home run, and because of that Yankees were able to knot a league record with 27 straight games hitting home runs. In London Series, 29th of June Aaron Hicks became first MLB player.
In the same year, Aaron was reported to be injured. He had flexor sprain his right elbow, and surgery was necessary to treat the sprain. In 2020, because of the world Pandemic the season was delay led for four months. Aaron Hicks was already on the break from playing as he had surgery, and doctors wanted him to rest for 8 months. After 8 months, Aaron resumed his profession.

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Aaron has been top hundred (100) prospects by Baseball America (4 times)

Aaron Hicks Early Life And Family Details

Aaron Hicks, who is a famous basketball player was born in California. He attended Wilson Classical High School. Aaron Hicks father name is Joseph Hicks. Joseph is a former baseball outfielder. Joseph has played for San Diego Padres. Aaron has one brother and his name is Joe Jr.

Aaron Hicks Dating History And Marriage Details

Aaron is not married, but he has been dating Jessica Knoles from some years. Jessica works as a fitness trainer. They share a very beautiful and strong bond. Aaron and Jessica have 2 children. On 14th January their first child was born (Aaron) and Jaylen, their second born came into this world in 2020.

Aaron Hicks Body Measurements

Aaron Hicks body type is athletic. He has a height of about 6ft 2in, and weight is 91kg.

Aaron Hicks Net Worth

Aaron Hicks Net Worth Is reported to be $1 Million. In 2021, New York Yankees, in the starting of the season reported that they will be starting this season without their Center-fielder, Aaron Hicks. It was because of his wrist tendon injury, and he has to under surgery as his tendon is torn, and need treatment.

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Aaron Hicks has been a remarkable baseball outfielder, and has first played for the twins and then he joined Yankees. With Yankees Aaron has been getting a lot of success and fame.

Why Aaron Hicks Is Not Getting Married?

The couple, Aaron and Jessica share an ideal bond, and their relationship is expected to last forever. They also have two beautiful children. All these perfection, and they are not married yet, this thought leave people questioning. There is no specific reason reported yet, of Aaron and Jessica not getting married but it can be that they may want their kids to grow up a little. In that case their children will be able to enjoy their parents wedding, and parents can enjoy their wedding.